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Knowledgeable Fort Wayne Defense Attorney Fights Synthetic Drug Charges

Indiana lawyer challenges allegations of possessing and dealing designer drugs

An arrest for possession or distribution of synthetic or designer drugs, also known as look-alike drugs, is a very serious matter. You need an attorney who will challenge prosecutors and fight for your rights. In Fort Wayne, The Law Offices of Ryan E. Lackey has an excellent grasp on evolving Indiana law regarding designer drugs. It’s easy to be persuaded that these synthetic analogs of controlled substances are legal because they are not specifically prohibited by law. We know that possessing or dealing synthetic drugs can result in serious jail time, however, and will provide the staunch defense you deserve.

What are designer drugs?

Synthetic drugs are known as designer drugs or look-alikes because they are designed to be similar to illegal drugs but lack the complete chemical makeup of those drugs. In some cases, they may differ by only one ingredient from the drug being imitated. Among the most popular designer drugs are spice, a synthetic analog of marijuana, and bath salts, similar to methamphetamine. The strength of synthetics has increased over the years, as manufacturers master the science of duplicating the original narcotics. Unfortunately, the science is not always good, and the analog drug can be even more toxic and dangerous than the original, creating risks for the unsuspecting user. Up until recently, people in Indiana charged with possessing or selling designer drugs faced minor penalties, but that may soon change.

Indiana’s new synthetic drug law

In 2019, the Indiana enacted a law that enhances the penalties for defendants charged with making or dealing synthetic drugs, making them as severe as for those charged with having or selling the actual illegal drug. Currently, possession is a Class B misdemeanor, while dealing is a Class A misdemeanor. Under the new law, both charges become felonies.

There will be a good deal of legal wrangling in the coming years as prosecutors and courts decide how to implement the law. That’s where you need a knowledgeable attorney willing to fight to protect your rights as your case works through the system. Expert testimony may be required to challenge assertions that a substance is a look-alike drug and to explain its chemical makeup.

If you are confused about whether the substance at issue in your arrest is a designer drug, contact our law firm for help in navigating the legal system and defending your charges.

Contact a skilled Fort Wayne defense attorney who understands synthetic drug charges

If you face charges of possessing or selling a designer drug, The Law Offices of Ryan E. Lackey stays on top of legal developments related to these drug laws in Indiana and can provide a skilled defense. Call us at 260-209-1666 or contact our Fort Wayne office online to schedule a free consultation.