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Fort Wayne, IN Drug Crime Attorney Practice Areas

Vigorous defense to felony and misdemeanor charges throughout Indiana

The Law Offices of Ryan E. Lackey in Fort Wayne serves clients in northeastern Indiana and throughout the state. In our drug crimes practice, we provide determined advocacy to protect our clients from unconstitutional police actions, overly zealous prosecutions, and harsh mandatory sentencing. We fight to ensure that police and prosecutors respect our clients’ due process rights. We challenge law enforcement procedures and protocols to find the weaknesses in the authorities’ case. We present the facts of each client’s case in the most favorable light possible to secure the most favorable outcome possible.

Ready to defend your case in state and federal court

Drug crimes can be charged as state or federal offenses. Criminal defense lawyer Ryan Lackey has built a strong reputation as an attorney who delivers positive results. Mr. Lackey is committed to helping people like you get through harrowing criminal cases.

Mr. Lackey defends state and federal drug crimes involving:

If you have a prior drug arrest or conviction hanging like a cloud over your future, we may be able to get your record expunged. With an expungement, the court orders the records of your arrest and/or conviction sealed or destroyed. That means you can legally answer “no” to questions on job and loan applications asking if you have ever been arrested.

If you have lost your license due to OWI (operating a vehicle under the influence), we can help you obtain specialized driving privileges so you can commute to work or school. You should not be forced out of your job or denied your education because of a single mistake. We guide you through the process to get your life back on track.

Choose an aggressive attorney in Fort Wayne for drug crime defense

Don’t let an arrest for a drug crime ruin your life. If you’ve been arrested anywhere in Indiana, get aggressive defense representation from a reputable trial lawyer. The Law Offices of Ryan E. Lackey protects your rights and fights for positive results. Call us today at 260-209-1666 or contact our Fort Wayne office online.