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Committed Fort Wayne Criminal Defense Attorney Challenges Drug Trafficking Charges

Experienced lawyer defends clients facing stiff penalties for dealing

Under the Indiana Uniform Controlled Substances Act, drug trafficking — termed drug dealing — is a serious felony that puts your future and your freedom in jeopardy. At the Law Offices of Ryan E. Lackey, in Fort Wayne, we understand what is at stake for you and your family when you face drug trafficking charges. We will mount a vigorous defense that challenges the prosecution’s case and seek the most favorable possible outcome under the facts.

Protecting your rights in state or federal court

A drug trafficking arrest may stem from federal authorities, such as the Drug Enforcement Administration, or from state or local law enforcement in Indiana. In some cases, you may face both state and federal charges. Our firm has a strong record of defending drug trafficking charges throughout Indiana in state and federal court.

Under Indiana law, you commit drug dealing if you knowingly or intentionally manufacture or deliver drugs, finance the manufacture or delivery of drugs, or if you possess drugs with the intent to sell them. Drug dealing based on possession with intent can only be charged if there is evidence of intent, besides the weight of the drug, or if the weight of the drug exceeds 28 grams (10 pounds for marijuana and 300 grams for hashish).

Proven defense for crimes carrying serious penalties

The felony level you are charged with depends on the weight and classification of the drug. The penalty can be enhanced in many circumstances, which may include having a prior conviction or possessing a weapon. These enhancements require particularly vigorous defense because they can mean a difference of many years in a prison sentence.

The penalties in Indiana for drug dealing are based on the quantity and type of the drugs involved, ranging from up to a year in jail for less than 30 grams of marijuana to 10 to 30 years in prison for 10 grams or more of cocaine, methamphetamine or narcotics.

Federal drug trafficking penalties are equally severe and also depend on numerous factors, such as volume and type of the drugs involved. Prevailing in these cases requires highly experienced legal representation.

Building a strong defense to Indiana drug dealing charges

Key factors in building your drug trafficking defense include demonstrating whether:

  • You were aware the drugs were present.
  • The search of your person, home or vehicle was conducted according to the law.
  • You intended to distribute the drugs.
  • You were coerced or threatened.

We will dig deep into the facts of your case to determine potential defenses and evidence that we can use when negotiating with prosecutors for reduced or dropped charges or at trial.

Contact an aggressive Fort Wayne defense attorney for your drug dealing charge

Drug trafficking charges can ruin your life. If you’ve been arrested in Indiana, get experienced, determined representation from The Law Offices of Ryan E. Lackey. Protect your rights by calling 260-209-1666 or contact our Fort Wayne office online to schedule a free consultation.