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Fort Wayne Drug Crime Defense Attorney Fights for Your Rights

Aggressive representation for serious felony and misdemeanor charges

If you are arrested and charged with a drug crime, you are in for an ordeal. You face serious consequences: the loss of reputation, heavy fines, and incarceration. During this crisis in your life, you need a strong advocate and a skilled and determined attorney who will stand by your side and fight for your best possible outcome until the ordeal is over. This is the type of aggressive and relentless representation you get at the Law Offices of Ryan E. Lackey. Located in Fort Wayne, we serve clients throughout the state of Indiana. As a criminal defense lawyer, Ryan Lackey has tried countless cases in state and federal court, building a strong track record of positive results in a wide variety of felony and misdemeanor defenses. Mr. Lackey considers it his mission to help people like you through difficult and frightening legal dilemmas.

Determined trial lawyer fights for positive results

No attorney can guarantee results. However, through diligent investigation, we have often been able to uncover facts that have led to acquittals, dropped charges or the state’s decision not to prosecute. In some cases the most we can do is ensure the protection of your due process rights. Yet, even when the facts of a case may be against us, we fight as determined advocates for a reduction in charges, reduced sentencing and alternatives to incarceration. When appropriate, we help our clients qualify for Pretrial Diversion Programs and Drug Treatment Court in various counties.

You can rely on us for a vigorous defense to charges related to:

  • Possession of controlled substance (PCS)
  • Sale
  • Trafficking
  • OWI

If you have a prior drug arrest or conviction, we may be able to clear your record through an expungement. If you’ve lost your driver’s license on a drug-related charge, we can help restore your driving privileges. In these areas and many others, the Law Offices of Ryan E. Lackey provides aggressive criminal defense representation that protects our clients’ due process rights. We never forget our duty to fight for your best possible outcome.

Contact an experienced drug crime defense attorney in Fort Wayne, IN

If you have been arrested on drug charges anywhere in Indiana, get aggressive defense representation from an experienced trial lawyer. The Law Offices of Ryan E. Lackey is determined to protect your rights as we fight for positive results. Call us today at 260-209-1666 or contact our Fort Wayne office online.