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Fort Wayne Drug Defense Lawyer Helps You Beat Controlled Substance Charges

Experienced Indiana attorney provides a strong defense for serious drug cases

Charges stemming from possession, delivery or sale of controlled substances can have severe consequences. This is especially true if you go to court without competent legal representation. State and federal laws relating to controlled substances can be complicated, and it’s likely you’ll face more than one charge. If you have a prior drug conviction, you face even steeper penalties. That’s why it’s essential you seek skilled legal help. At The Law Offices of Ryan E. Lackey, in Fort Wayne, we’ll be on your side from day one. Our firm focuses on drug defense, so we have considerable experience representing clients charged with these crimes. We will attempt to get the controlled substance charges dropped or reduced before trial. If your case goes to court, Ryan Lackey will mount a carefully crafted defense dedicated to protecting your rights.

What are controlled substances?

Controlled substances are medications that are considered easily abusable. Under the federal Controlled Substances Act, these medications are categorized into five schedules, with lessening potential for addiction and abuse:

  • Schedule I — No accepted medical use; high abuse potential; not even available by prescription.

Drugs include heroin, ecstasy, gamma hydroxybutyric acid (GHB).

  • Schedule II — Accepted medical use; high potential for severe psychological or physical dependence; available by prescription only. Drugs include morphine, codeine, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, methadone, oxycodone, fentanyl, methylphenidate, pentobarbital.
  • Schedule III — Intermediate potential for abuse; some available only by prescription.

Drugs include hydrocodone with acetaminophen, 5 mg/500 mg or 10 mg/650 mg; codeine in combination with acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen; anabolic steroids; ketamine.

  • Schedule IV — Less abuse potential than Schedule III drugs. Drugs include propoxyphene, butorphanol, pentazocine, alprazolam, clonazepam, diazepam, midazolam, phenobarbital, pemoline, sibutramine.
  • Schedule V — Least potential for abuse. Drugs include Robitussin AC, Phenergan with codeine.

Our attorney is well-versed in Indiana and federal controlled substances laws and can rapidly assess the facts to provide a clear path for defense.

Challenging police evidence in drug cases

When our firm builds a case, we conduct a detailed investigation aimed at delivering the best possible outcome. We investigate whether police:

  • Had probable cause to stop you
  • Had a warrant or probable cause to search you, your home or your vehicle
  • Acted legally in finding and recovering the drugs
  • Properly advised you of your Miranda rights
  • Conducted a search without advising you of your right to speak with an attorney first
  • Told you that you could deny their search request
  • Properly weighed or measured the drugs

If we find violations, we file motions to suppress illegally obtained evidence and to dismiss charges for which there is insufficient evidence.

Contact a Fort Wayne controlled substances defense attorney

If you face charges stemming from illegally possessing or selling controlled substances, you need a lawyer who focuses on drug cases and can present a solid defense. Call The Law Offices of Ryan E. Lackey at 260-209-1666 or contact our Fort Wayne office online to schedule a free consultation.